Assorted Christmas Pastry

Assorted Christmas Pastry

Enchante Patisserie
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Box of 4 pastries
Presenting the Christmas bobble
- caramel sponge soaked with rum
- spiced cremeaux
- mulled wine ganache
- mascarpone cheese mousse
- sable base

Gift box pastry
Lychee diplomat
Raspberry confit
Rose cremeaux
Rose iaconde
Crispy duja base

Candle petit gateaux
- milk chocolate mousse
- passionfruit cremeaux
- popping candy
- crunchy base
- chocolate sponge

Reindeer pastry
Textures of chocolate
- rich chocolate sponge
- chocolate cremeaux
- coconibs crunch
- 70-30 chocolate mousse
- chocolate sable base